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DreamShot Images

To exercise my passion for photography, I started DreamShot Images, LLC. Most of my work is landscape, wildlife, and fine art stuff, but I also do portraits, events, and freelance assignments. My work experience includes forensic, architectual, family portraiture, weddings, events, and senior graduation portraits. I don't take every assignment, but when taken, the client receives my full attention. When the work speaks for itself, the effort must be 100%. Except for the images in the 'Portrait' and 'Client Work' Categories, all photos are available for purchase. Just click the 'Buy' button and see what is available. Images are available in almost any size or shape, with a variety of finishes. Experiment with cropping an image to your liking. Any questions? I can be reached through my email address:


Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.